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The Sports the Champions believes all champions must care for their health and wellness in order to be the best athlete on and off the field. We have compiled resources to help parents and athletes with self health and wellness.



For 10 plus years Ouida has successfully coached and inspired women of all ages, backgrounds and shapes to transform their lives using nutrition, exercise and self-care therapies as her tools. 

She is a strong advocate for women’s health and self-care. 

Body By Ouida

Ouida Brown Interview by Kerry Willis

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Rita has always had a passion for health and wellness.  She obtained her microbiology degree from Tennessee State University but diverted from her path in health and wellness when she entered corporate America.  Experienced in a true plant based lifestyle she gave up meat 27 years ago and is experienced in vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian paths to a healthier lifestyle.

In 2018 Rita sought to make giving Health & Wellness advice official by completing her certification in Health Wellness Coaching through Emory University’s nationally accredited program.  

Seeing more and more interest for the vegan culture influencing healthier lifestyles with mainstream American realizing the benefits, the competitive fitness competitor added Certified Fitness Coach and Nutritionist to her resume in 2019 through the International Sports Science Association - ISSA.

Through her B.E.T.T.E.R platform, Rita shares her tips and tricks to not only surviving but flourishing as a health enthusiast in corporate America encompassing BETTER health through mind, body and soul.  

Rita K. Davis

5 Things B4 Ditching Meat by Rita K. Davis

Oat Milk - The Rita Kay Way

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