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One on One with Bobby Maze

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

You can’t talk grassroots basketball in the state of Tennessee without mentioning the name of Bobby Maze, considered to best of the best players to come out of the University of Tennessee, Bobby has continued to spread love in the Knoxville area by creating B.Maze Elite in the area. Check out this one of one interview with Bobby Maze as we talk, how he got started in AAU, and his goals for his program.

Bobby, Tell me little about where you are from and how your upbringing played such a major role in helping you to become whom you are today?

Growing up in Maryland, PG County (Prince George) , played a major part in my life . Where we come from basketball is a way of life, being around so many really good players gave me the vision to be able to be apart of this basketball culture .

Talk about your success as a hoop star at the University of Tennessee

Started as a Point Guard for 2 years, and played on the only Elite 8 team in University of Tennessee Basketball history. Side Note (Appeared on the 2010 Bob Cousy Award watch list 2009—2010 season awarded to college basketball’s best point guard). For me it was all about doing what ever it took to win I always wanted to make sure guys love playing with , and that I lead by example and they respected me.

Being from DC, what made you want to stay in Knoxville and create a great AAU program like Bobby Maze?

I was overseas playing ball, and came back to Knoxville and saw my guy Coach Scrap had formed his AAU team the Tennessee Elite. He asked me to help him and he decided to he wanted to change the name using my because he felt like the kids weren’t getting enough exposure. He wanted to change it to B.Maze , I was skeptical initially, because having your name on something like this comes with responsibility and leaves to a lot of public exposure. After 5 years of doing this I have fell in love with it. My model is to never speak negative on people in this business, and continue to build and grow positive relationships, with guys likes Winfred Jordan in Atlanta with the Atlanta Xpress, and others.

Bobby in a world that is driven by selfishness, materialistic nature and lack of love and support for others, you are able to give such a good part of yourself to assist kids?

WHY It simple someone did it for me coming up, so I felt the need to give back to others growing up playing for my high school coach Tyrone Massenburg, my AAU coach Rob Jackson, with the DC Blue Devils with Kevin Durant and Ty Lawson, and my prep school coach Chris Chaney I realize how much they poured into me and I just wanted to do the same in return.

If you could give some wisdom on one thing that would assist players in becoming better students of the game and have more drive, what would those words of wisdom and experience be?

The cheat code is too be in shape, I don’t think guys understand how important it is as a basketball player. Also when you work out, make sure you work out with someone, and don’t drill as much, these guys don’t play as much pickup basketball as we did growing up. They don’t know to how to go out and just play as much. When you are working with a person it helps you develop more because you aren’t able to just get to your spot and have to be creative.

Bobby, Thank You for your time and really look forward to seeing B.Maze Elite in the Spring and Summer good luck….. Anytime and thank you for having me.

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