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Ram On the Rise... Jayla Bennett

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

I got a chance to catch up with Jayla Bennett, one of the top Middle School girls in Georgia, ranked #12 in the class of 2025.

Jade: Who is your favorite athlete? Why did you choose that athlete?

Jayla: My favorite athlete is Aja Wilson because I like the energy she brings on the court. She's fearless, doesn't let anything scare her, isn't afraid to take a basket any kind of way jump shooter everything. She has personality and her personality helps when she wants to brand herself.

Jade: Who would you say your style of basketball is like?

Jayla: Arike Ogunbowale

Jade: What other sports have you played? At what age did you start playing basketball and decided this was the sport you wanted to pursue?

Jayla: Well, at first, I was a gymnast for some time and was suppose to be this outstanding gymnast, and around about five years old, I got the basketball in my hand. I wasn't good at dribbling and I didn't really like offense when I was younger, so I always played defense, and I started playing rec ball on a boys team, and the coach asked my parents if it was okay if I just played defense. As I got better, I went to a place called Just Skills, and I learned how to dribble and ever since then, I picked up on everything so quickly, and I loved the sport.

Jade: Give me three reasons why you like the game of basketball?

Jayla: I feel like after I get to the WNBA or something, I can get marketing deals playing basketball. The opportunities it gives you like traveling and all the other stuff like playing against better players, and being around the older woman as I get older and get to college basketball.

Jade: Talk to me about your goals and accomplishments thus far.

Jayla: My goal was to get quicker, but I gained a couple of pounds as quarantine hit. It was very hard. So my new goal after the quarantine was to get back in shape. I was working tremendously hard. I was getting up early, working out, eating right. Since AAU season has started this year, and I am way better than I was last year and I am very proud of myself for all the hard work I've put in.

Jade: What are some of your favorite colleges? Why?

Jayla: I like Miami because Flordia always has good weather. I like South Carolina. I like the coach over there Dawn Staley. And I like Oregon because of the coaching staff over there, and if I ever get a college offer, I don't ever want to be in Georgia. I want to get away and have a new senary and stuff.

Jade: Who is the athlete in your family?

Jayla: I have no athletes in my family, surprisingly.

Jade: What are your favorite movies?

Jayla: Titantic is definitely one, and Space Jams.

Jade: What word best describes your personality?

Jayla: Exciting! I choose that word because anytime anybody is around, I always put a smile on their face. I actually just got student of the week before spring break started. And my teachers were saying how I always put a smile on their face and everybody else's face.

Jade: Thank you for taking the time out of your day to allow me to interview you!

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