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The Future Ms.Ohio Girls Basketball

By: Jade Jordan

Jade: How long have you been playing basketball?

Mya Hamilton: Since about 5 I think

Jade: What inspired you to play basketball?

Mya Hamilton: I just tried out a lot of sports and my dad was coaching basketball and I really liked it

Jade: Who was the athlete in the family your mom or dad?

Mya Hamilton: My dad

Jade: Where do you want the game of basketball to take you? High School All American, McDonalds All American

Mya Hamilton: I would love to be in the McDonalds All American and play in the Jordan Classic Game but I would really love to play D1 and next year I want to make a big impact on my high school team and AAU team

Jade: What would you like to do after college?

Mya Hamilton: I would love to play basketball professionally but if that doesn’t happen, I’d probably major and finance and see where that takes me.

Jade: Do you have a dream college?

Mya Hamilton: Yes, I would really love to go to UConn because I have been sold on them for a long time.

Jade: Who is your favorite basketball player?

Mya Hamilton: My favorite player is Breanna Stewart. One time I was going to her game and I met her on the street so that was pretty cool. I started liking Breanna Stewart because I use to like Mya Moore but then she retired or went away from the game, so I started watching Breanna and realized I liked her game.

Jade: What type of music do you like?

Mya Hamilton: Any type I don’t really have a preference

Jade: Since this month is Black History Month, who in the Black community has been your biggest influence?

Mya Hamilton: My AAU Coaches Kelly Peek and Amber Gray they’ve helped me with a lot.

Jade: Is there additional information you would like to share?

Mya Hamilton: My Middle School Basketball Team “Fairfield” just finished our 5th consecutive undefeated regular season-ending 69-0 and I set our Junior High scoring record this year with 42points in a game.

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