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Top 5 Football Players 2026

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Julian Lewis - QB - Atlanta, GA

Julian is one of the best-skilled Quarterbacks you'll ever see. He's won MVPs at every football camp attended. His combination of intelligence, arm strength, accuracy, pocket presence, and overall ability, is off the charts.

Owen Lansu - QB - Downers Grove, IL

Owen has amazing leadership skills and is dedicated to becoming the best player he can be. He has the born talent and strong arm to make plays from the pocket.

Anthony Miller - QB - Sarasota, FL

Anthony is an eye-catching athlete on the field and on film. His arm strength, accuracy, and comfort in the pocket enables him to make big decisions for his team.

Sabby Meassick - QB - Kissimmee, FL

Sabby's accuracy and arm strength are impeccable. He is the next best QB to potentially come out of Florida.

Bear McWhorter - OL/DL - Kingston, GA

Bear is a big physical lineman at 6'0" 220 lbs. His agility and footwork at his size and age give him a real advantage.

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